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“Jim Doyle is my “go-to” person on all my home renovation projects. He continually provides me with smart, strategic advice.  If you want to save money, time and get the stress of home construction out of  your life -  don’t even think of starting a project without calling Jim.”


Michael H. Greenfield
Rocket III, NASA (Retired)



"Jim Doyle’s excellent reputation in construction, his standing as a fair but tough negotiator, and his tenacity to see things through to the end, make him the perfect advocate for homeowners who want to make sure they’re getting the best renovation at the best price."

- Alex H Intermaggio, Client


"As a managing director of a firm that developed real estate properties, I have worked with Jim Doyle for years. He has the rare ability to conceptualize a project, analyze the best way to approach it, and pay attention to every detail to make sure it’s done exactly right."

- Donald Hogan Misner,

Architect Builder & Developer



“As the owner of a real estate investment company in a competitive economy, we count on only the best service from the people and vendors we hire.  Jim Doyle was there for us every step of the way providing advice, guidance, and expertise.  In many ways, it felt as if Jim was a part of our company.”


- Steven S. Bonacci
Fidelio Properties



“I've known Jim for 5 years and one word leaps to mind - relentless. When he tackles a project - look out. He becomes the expert. Turns over every stone, looks behind every corner and delivers the best end product at the lowest possible cost. And if you really get to know him, you need to convince him to cook you a meal - he happens to be a master chef. Comes in handy when the project includes a kitchen!”


James DiBiasi, Client



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